fredag 27. januar 2012

Waiting for the puppies (Quick Quackery/Diva)

Diva and I are still going for long walks in the morning, and she cannot resist running after a fox or a deer, but is soon back at my side. Today is the 61st day, and the temperature has fallen to 36,9 this afternoon (37,1 in the morning and 37,3 yesterday evening). I bought another thermometer, as I have earlier experienced that an older one was wrong. But they showed the same.

 This was how Diva looked earlier this week, at the 57th day.

And here she is yesterday (60th day)

We have had a very bad, dark, warm  winter without snow. Finally it has turned, and the lanscape has become white and lighter in the morning. Still we start out with a head torch, but when we come home the sunrise has begun. 
 Here is Diva this morning after a long walk. Still no sign of birth.
But later in the day it has turned. No interest of food. She has also started panting and digging in the bed, but not much, so we probably still have some time to go. Tomorrow?

Here are some photo shots from my windows the last few days:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Det er så fint ute hos deg Helle. :) Kjempekoslig tomt og kjempekoslig hus! :) Kos deg med valpene til Diva. :)
    Klem fra Inger Marie

  2. Ja, vi trives veldig godt her. Vi gleder oss hver dag til å komme hjem.
    Lykke til med din nyparrede Holly!