tirsdag 21. februar 2012

The"Selwyn" history

Spotnik´s Special Selection

My friends, Annemiek and Rhys Morgans in Holland, wanted to have a dog puppy from my S-litter. The parents of this litter were:

 CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery (the father of Diva´s litter now), who had never been used before, and

S N CH Spotnik´s Milkmaid, the first litter where both the father and the mother were my own breeding.

When Annemiek saw the puppy photos, she said she wanted Selwyn, but he was not for sale, as he was the nicest puppy I had ever bred. After some negotiation the result was that I gave her a half puppy, and we decided he could stay with them in at Gwynmor in Holland, but in co ownership with me, as the "Spotmor" project.
Spotnik´s Special Selection 5 weeks old

More of the story will follow....

"The King Selwyn" is dead

The sad news that "Selwyn" (Spotnik´s Special Selection) is dead came from my co owner, Annemiek, and her husband, Rhys, in Holland where he was living, 9 February. We all knew it would soon be time, but it is so extremely sad when the fact is there.; he is gone.

Here is the note Annemiek and Rhys wrote about him:


Thursday 9 February 2012
Our dearest SELWYN passed away, 13 years of age.
Our ‘once in a lifetime dog’ and unforgettable friend,
who captured us every day again by his presence and personality.
We miss him, singing the Norwegian anthem in the morning,
we miss him, smiling and happy talking,
no more walkies and chasing birds in the fields.
How privileged we were to be his owners
and to share our lifes with him for all these years.
Thank you Helle for ‘sharing’ him with us,
we witnessed all his highlights in the showring,
now we treasure all these very special moments.
Selwyn marked an era in our lifes.
He will live on in further generations,
And we feel blessed to be surrounded by his progeny.
SELWYN, always in our hearts and thoughts,
Run free…

Rhys and Annemiek Morgans

Selwyn and great-grandson Denys, febr.2012

søndag 12. februar 2012

Diva´s and Otto´s puppies - the first week and the next

Liver dog and Black bitch 1, 2 days old.

Black bitch 2

Black bitch 1 5 days old

5 days old

5 days old

Now they are 1 week old.

The liver dog has grown from 355g to 840g
The first black bitch was 315g, and is now 790
And the second 400g to 950
All have put on about 500g, which will say that Diva has a very good milk production, and they are few to share it.

At 10 days Diva often prefere to sit

Bitch 1 and 2 10 days old

The dog

Bitch 1

Still 10 days old. A bit boring....

NGDK Hellerud 05.02.2012

At the show on the Sunday 5 February, there were 14 dalmatians entered under Zjatko Kraljic

The results were nearly the same as the day before.


BOB EXC CK CH Dalmo´s Joker (by Zacco)
2 BD EXC CERT Spotnik´s Inky Icebear
3 BD EXC CK Dalmo´s Marble Arch
BOS EXC CK INT CH Dalmo´s Campari
2 BB EXC CERT Toot´s Bibbedi Bobbedi Boo
3 BB EXC CK Best Veteran INT CH Dalmo´s Contessa
4 BB EXC CK CH Toot´s Beautiful Day
EXC CK Toot´s Every Breath You Take
EXC Spotnik´s Feminine Folly

Cert Spotnik´s Inky Icebear
(NL CH Spotnik´s Arctic Adam - INT CH Spotnik´s Excuse For Ecstasy)

EXC Spotnik´s Feminine Folly
(CR SK CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul - INT CH Solbo´s Holly)

tirsdag 7. februar 2012

NSBK Hellerud, near Oslo 04.02.2012

A nice Show at Hellerudsletta in an early morning with 26 degrees below cero outside the hall.

We were overthemoon with Icebear´s first Certificate in his first official show. Congratulations to Eli Antonie and Kristoffer, who are my co owners! Photo below.

Spotnik´s Feminine Folly was number 1 out of 3 the Open Class with a Very Good. Congratulations to Anja, Inger Marie og Tatjana!
Here is "Ellie" (Spotnik´s Feminine Folly) with Anja and daughter Tiril.

Main results:
Only 12 entries under judge Björn Einarsve from Sweden. 
BOB BOG 2 NORDIC CH Dalmo´s Joker II (CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy - CH Dalmo´s Campari)
2 BD CERT Spotnik´s Inky Icebear (CH Spotnik´s Arctic Adam- CH Spotnik´s Excuse For Ecstasy)
3 BD Res.Cert Dalmo´s Marble Arch (CH Jilloc´s Sugardaddy - CH Dalmo´s Isolde)

BOS Best Veteran 4 BIS Vet INT N CH NORDV-08 Dalmo´s Contessa (CH Dalmo´s Xanadu - CH Dalmo´s Octavia)
2 BB INT NORD CH NV-06 NVV-11 Dalmo´s Campari (CH Dalmo´s Xanadu - CH Dalmo´s Octavia)
3 BB N CH Toot´s Beautiful Day (CH Toot´s Working Class Hero - CH Perdita´s Itchy Itch)