mandag 30. januar 2012

The puppies are born 28 January

Puppies by N CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery and INT CH Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe (A.I.)

It started Saturday night, when the first black bitch was born 30 hours after the temperature had been down to 36,9. 

After 2 1/2 hours she was given an oxytocin shot, and the next puppy arrived just after midnight, a liver boy, full og life. Again it took some time before another black bitch was born, dead. Very sad. After another couple of hours, a third black bitch was born, again full of life. I could feel there was one more coming, but used half an hour to be born. A dead liver bitch. When she was out, I called the Veterinary Clinic, in the next town, as my vet was ill, to wake them up before I came, very early in the morning. We took an x-ray, and it showed that she was empty. 

The result was 3 puppies, 1 liver dog and 2 black bitches +  2 black and 1 liver bitch, who were dead. On the positive side there was a whole litter with complete nose pigment and no patches (which I don´t consider a cathastrophe, but Diva´s grandmother had a litter with 18 puppies and 10 patches!, which was some kind of a record).

Sometimes I ask myself why I am a dalmatian breeder, when things like this happens, but when all is settled, like now, I am very happy to see the puppies I have got, being rared by their wonderful mother, Diva. Here are they all fed. 

Have a look under "Puppies" in the website to see the pedigree, or use:

fredag 27. januar 2012

Waiting for the puppies (Quick Quackery/Diva)

Diva and I are still going for long walks in the morning, and she cannot resist running after a fox or a deer, but is soon back at my side. Today is the 61st day, and the temperature has fallen to 36,9 this afternoon (37,1 in the morning and 37,3 yesterday evening). I bought another thermometer, as I have earlier experienced that an older one was wrong. But they showed the same.

 This was how Diva looked earlier this week, at the 57th day.

And here she is yesterday (60th day)

We have had a very bad, dark, warm  winter without snow. Finally it has turned, and the lanscape has become white and lighter in the morning. Still we start out with a head torch, but when we come home the sunrise has begun. 
 Here is Diva this morning after a long walk. Still no sign of birth.
But later in the day it has turned. No interest of food. She has also started panting and digging in the bed, but not much, so we probably still have some time to go. Tomorrow?

Here are some photo shots from my windows the last few days:

torsdag 19. januar 2012

New Champion titles for my dogs in 2011

"Cassie" New International and Nordic Champion (the 23rd Spotnik INT Champion):
Spotnik´s Calling Card   
Sire: CH Dalmo´s Elegant Edward
Dam: Spotnik´s Treasure O´Tomorrow
Owner: Solveig Ivarsson (Solbo), Sweden.

"Falcon" new Belarus, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Ukraine, Russian&RKF Champion:
Spotnik´s Free Falcon   
Sire: CZ CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul
Dam: INT NORD CH Solbo´s Holly
 My co owner: Nadia Melnikova (Laguna Dios), Belarus

"Farao" new German (VDH+Club) and Danish Champion:
GER (VDH+Club) DK CH Europasg-11 
Spotnik´s First Farao For Ormond   
Sire: CZ CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul
Dam: INT NORD CH Solbo´s Holly
 My co owner: Michael Lehmann (Christi Ormond), Germany 

"Theo" new Norwegian and Danish Champion :
Spotnik´s Fit For Fun   
Sire: CZ CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul
Dam: INT NORD CH Solbo´s Holly
 My co owner: Kjersti Sletten, Norway

"Theo" is the 71st Spotnik´s Champion.

"Nory" new Slovenian and Serbian Champion:

INT B-H RUS FIN CR HUN SLOV SERB CH Bdsg-Tulln-07 ZagrebW-09 CR ClubW-09
Spotnik´s Dare Devil    (photo from Zagreb)
Sire: NZ GR CH Audax Allegiance To Stedfast (by "Selwyn")
Dam: Spotnik´s Treasure O`Tomorrow
My co owner: Anita Radic, Croatia

"Diva" new German Champion (VDH + Club):
INT NORD N DK S GER (VDH+Club) CH CR B-H Jun CH ECDC JunW-07 CR ClubJW-07 KbhV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09 Bdsg-10 
Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe   
Sire: NZ GR CH Audax Allegiance To Stedfast (by "Selwyn")
Dam: Spotnik´s Treasure O`Tomorrow
Diva is living with me

"Vic" new Ukraine Champion:
Spotnik`s Viking Victory   
Sire: INT NORD NL B LUX GB GER SLOV CH WW-02 EURW-03 Spotnik´s Special Selection
Dam: INT NORD N S DK FIN CH Perdita´s Kiss Me Better
My co owner: Søren Jacobsen, Denmark.
Vic is living with Anna Kubko in Ukraine for some months now.

"Kayo" new German Champion (VDH + Club):
Solbo´s Kayo   
Sire: INT N DK FIN NORDIC S PL CR B-H ENG IR SK GER CH  NORDW-06-08 WW-06,-08,-09 PLW-06 NW-06,-07,-08 SW-06,-08 ECDCW-07 EURW-07,-09 CRW-07 BDSG-07,-09 KBHW-08 Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy
Dam: INT NORD N DL S CH Spotnik´s Calling Card
Breeder: Solveig Ivarsson, Sweden.
My co owners: Bjørn-Erling Løken, Norway and Solveig Ivarsson, Sweden.
Kayo is now co owned with Chantal Hultink in Zwolle, Netherland, where he is living.

tirsdag 17. januar 2012

Falcon puppies in Russia

This is the Terletskoy Dubravy Z-litter 1 month old.

Sire: BLR N LTU UKR RUS CH RKF CH LTUW-11 Spotnik´s Free Falcon
Dam: RUS CH Moya Zvezda Melissenta Iz Terletskoy Dubravy

Breeder: Irina Petrakova, Russia.

Father: Falcon

Mother: Moya Zvezda Melisenta iz Terletskoy Dubravy


Zacco´s daughter Top Dal in Finland

Zacco´s daughter FIN CH FINW-11 Holmankarin One Of Us was 
Top Dalmatian in Finland 2011

Sire: INT N DK FIN NORD S PL CR B-H GB IR SK GER CH NORDW-06-08 WW-06,-08,-09 PLW-06 NW-06,-07,-08  SW-06,-08 ECDCW-07 EURW-07,-09 CRW-07 BDSG-07,-09 KBHW-08 
Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy
Dam: INT FIN EE RUS LV DK CH RKFW Holmankarin Josephine

Congratulations to breeder and owner Eeva-Maija Ripatti, Finland!

søndag 15. januar 2012

Zacco Top Dalmatian Stud Dog in England!

News from Dog World:

INT N DK FIN NORDIC S PL CR B-H ENG IR SK GER CH BDJSG-05 NORDICW-06-08 World Winner-06,-08,-09 PLW-06 NW-06,-07,-08  SW-06,-08 ECDCW-07 EURW-07,-09 CRW-07 
BDSG-07,-09 KBHW-08  Crufts BOS-07 Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy

The photo is from 2008, when Zacco was BIS at The North Of England Dalmatian Club Show, which he also was the following year.

His daughter , ENG CH Offordale Sapphire born June 20010, was 2nd Top Dalmatian 2011!
Her breeder, Jenny Alexander, Offordale Dalmatians, was Top Breeder 2011. 

Jenny  has also shown her litter brother, ENG CH Offordale Chevalier:

....and the litter sister, Offordale Catalina:

The mother of the three above, ENG CH Offordale White Lady, was Top Brood Bitch 2011:

This combination is a line breeding to INT N DK FIN NORD NL B LUX ENG SK GER CH WW-02 EURW-03 Crufts BOB 2002 Spotnik´s Special Selection:
"Selwyn" was Top Dalmatian in England in 2002
This year he won BOB at Crufts, BOB at British Dalmatian Club Championship Show, BOB at The World Show in Amsterdam, BOB at Netherland Club Show and BOG at the Dutch Winner Show-02