mandag 30. januar 2012

The puppies are born 28 January

Puppies by N CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery and INT CH Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe (A.I.)

It started Saturday night, when the first black bitch was born 30 hours after the temperature had been down to 36,9. 

After 2 1/2 hours she was given an oxytocin shot, and the next puppy arrived just after midnight, a liver boy, full og life. Again it took some time before another black bitch was born, dead. Very sad. After another couple of hours, a third black bitch was born, again full of life. I could feel there was one more coming, but used half an hour to be born. A dead liver bitch. When she was out, I called the Veterinary Clinic, in the next town, as my vet was ill, to wake them up before I came, very early in the morning. We took an x-ray, and it showed that she was empty. 

The result was 3 puppies, 1 liver dog and 2 black bitches +  2 black and 1 liver bitch, who were dead. On the positive side there was a whole litter with complete nose pigment and no patches (which I don´t consider a cathastrophe, but Diva´s grandmother had a litter with 18 puppies and 10 patches!, which was some kind of a record).

Sometimes I ask myself why I am a dalmatian breeder, when things like this happens, but when all is settled, like now, I am very happy to see the puppies I have got, being rared by their wonderful mother, Diva. Here are they all fed. 

Have a look under "Puppies" in the website to see the pedigree, or use:

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  1. Hi Helle,
    I think that we have the tendency to humanize our breed ... nature alone is wise ... the puppies that survived are probably those who must pass their genes ...Certalyn they will growing up healty...Congrats!

  2. Congratulations to you and wonderful mom Diva