torsdag 25. november 2010

What happened in April 2010?

Easter at Norefjell

Our cabin in the mountains was finally rebuilt and ready for use. 

Gambler was there...

    Gambler and Diva skiing with me.


Solbo´s Kimber in Portugal
(Zacco - CH Spotnik´s Calling Card)

Kimber had his 4th CAC under Stefan Stefic in Caidas de Rainha
He was also BOB and BOG-3
He had the same result + CACIB under Leif Ragnar Hjorth in Costa Azul 2 weeks later.


NDK Club Show Bergen 17 April
Svein Helgesen had 43 dalmatians to judge.

BIS Dalmo´s Karmencita

BIS,1.BTK, Cert,Dalmo’s Karmencita, Kristin Drange/Kirsti Greibrokk
2BTK,CK, INT NORD  UCH KBHV-08 NORDv-08 NV-09   Spotnik`s Diva Deluxe ,Helle Høie 
3BTK,CK, INT NORD UCH NORDV-06  Dalmo`s Contessa, Arild Harjen
4BTK,CK, Vinatta’s Alma, Cecilie Bårdsen/Kathrine Næss

BOS,1.BHK, CK, INT NORD FIN LI LAT UCH DV-09 Lovinda`s Fabian, Anne Karin Nyhammer

2BHK,CK, EUJV-09 Solbo's Kayo, Bjørn Erling Løken/ Solveig Ivarsson/Helle Høie 
3BHK,CK NORD UCH Price-spot’s Are You Ready, Heidi Price
4BHK,CK, INT NORD UCH NV-03-04 Dalmo’s Aragon the First, Arild Harjen

CH Lovinda´s Fabian and CH Solbo´s Kayo

BOBjr, Vinatta’s Alma, Cecilie Bårdsen/Kathrine Næss
BOSjr, Spotnik’s Fit for Fun, Kjersti Sletten/HelleHøie

Spotnik´s Fit For Fun

Puppies (4)
BIS Puppy, Spotnik’s Gallant Gambler, Helle Høie
BOS Puppy, Spotnik’s Golden Guinea, Silje Paulsen/Heidi Price
2 BB Puppy Spotnik´s Grand Gala, Kjersti Sletten /Helle Høie

BIS Puppy Spotnik´s Gallant Gambler and BOS Puppy Spotnik´s Golden Guinea

Spotnik´s Grand Gala


NKK INT Bergen 18 April

Judge: Elin Normannseth, 37 entries

BOB,1.BTK, CK, Cacib, INT NORD  UCH KBHV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09   Spotnik`s Diva Deluxe ,Helle Høie 

2BTK,CK, INT NORD UCH NORDV-06  Dalmo`s Contessa, Arild Harjen
3BTK,Cert, Perdita`s So Far So Good, Linda Askvik Faugstad 
4BTK,CK, Daladin's Be A Baroness, Ann Kristin Diskerud 
BOS, 1.BHK, CK, Cacib, NORD UCH Price-Spot’s Are You Ready, Heidi Price

2BHK,CK, INT NORD FIN LI LAT UCH DV-09 Lovinda`s Fabian, Anne Karin Nyhammer 
3BHK,CK ,N UCH  Dalmo`s  Joker II, Anny Kindlistuen/ Kirsti Greibrokk 
4BHK,CK, N S UCH EUJV-09 Solbo's Kayo, Bjørn Erling Løken/ Solveig Ivarsson/Helle Høie

BOB CH Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe and BOS Price-Spot´s Are You Ready

onsdag 24. november 2010

Highlights March 2010

Mating INT ENG CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy -  
ENG CH Offordale White Lady

The 5th of March were Zacco and Zara mated in Sweden, at Solveig Ivarsson´s.  Jenny and Micheal Alexander came all the way from England to Falkenberg to make this very interesting mating, which is a line breeding to Selwyn (INT ENG CH Spotnik´s Special Selection). We crossed our fingers for this combination.


Mating Zacco - INT CH Spotnik´s Crystal Crown

The 9th of March Zacco had another girl visiting, Lena Erlandsson´s Kenya. This is nearly the same combination as Solbo´s K-litter (our Kayo). Same father to a litter sister.

INT ENG CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy (Photo: Lena Erlandsson)

INT CH Spotnik´s Crystal Crown (Photo: Solveig Jensen)


Puppies by Zacco born at Mellanmøllan in Sweden

S CH Mellanmøllan Bright Pearl had her puppies by Zacco 20 March. There were 8 puppies (6 dogs and 2 bitches + 2 dead ones). 

S CH Mellanmøllan Bright Pearl

Mellanmøllan L-litter
Malmø INT Show Sweden 21 March. 
41 entries under Carin Åkesson (S)

EURJW-09 Solbo´s Kayo had the CAC and ResCacib (= CACIB) and was Second Best Dog after INT CH Jilloc´s Sugardaddy, who was BOS. 
By this Kayo became a SWEDISH and NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!

Kayo´s mother, NORD CH Spotnik´s Calling Card, had the ResCacib (=CACIB) and was Second Besst Bitch after INT CH Jilloc´s Joyride, who was BOB and BOG.

Kayo´s father, INT ENG CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy, had Best Progeny Group, which later became 4 Best In Show Group. 
( Zacco, CH Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne, Solbo´s Lizton, CH Solbo´s Karisma and CH Solbo´s Kayo)

Zacco´s half brother (both by INT CH Spotnik´s Viking Victory), Jilloc´s Very Important, 
was BOB Puppy and later BIS-4. 


Mating Zacco and Spotborne Great Expectations 26 March 


Again a line-breeding on Selwyn.


My G-litter 
(CH Alphadirato Future Brand - CH Spotnik´s Coffee Cream) 
are more or less sold, but 3 are around for some more time.

Spotnik´s Grand Gala (co owned with Kjersti Sletten)

Spotnik´s Go Getter (will go to Carl Carro and Inna Libban in USA)

Spotnik´s Gallant Gambler

Gala, Gambler and Lucas

Mating Kayo and Spotborne Free Rider
Pia and Stephan Laursen from Denmark came up from Denmark to mate their Guchi to Kayo in the beginning of the Easter Holidays in the end of March. This is a line-breeding to CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery and CH Spotnik´s Milkmaid, as Zacco goes back to their son CH Spotnik´s Special Selection and Guchi goes back to his brother CH Spotnik´s Snow Storm.

onsdag 17. november 2010

Highlights February 2010

A beautiful and very cold winter February 2010.

The sunset.

There has not been so much ice the last 50 years. 

Diva and me on the frozen sea. Our house in the background.

Aunt Diva and the G-puppies, now 10 weeks old.


NBK Eidsvoll 14.02.2010

Kayo BOBand BOG-1 with  CAC  and Perdita´s Addicted To Love BOS with CAC
Judge: Karl Erik Johansson (S) 


NKK INT Bø 20.02.2010
CAC Spotnik´s Furry Friend
(CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul - S N CH Bdsg-08 SV-08 Solbo´s Holly)
Owner: June Haug, Norway.

CAC Spotnik´s Feminine Folly
(CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul - S N CH Bdsg-08 SV-08 Solbo´s Holly)
Owner: Kaja Evensen, Norway.

Judge: Nils Molin (S)

And grandson Tomas in Germany is 10 years old 26.02.2010

Some Highlights from 2010 January

The year started with the confirmation:  

Diva Was Top Dalmatian in Norway 2009
N S CH CR BH JunCH ECDC Jun-W-07 CR ClubJW-07 KbhV-08 NORD W-08 NV-08
(NZ GR CH Audax Allegiance To Stedfast - Spotnik´s Treasure O´Tomorrow)

and  Kayo was Top Junior 2009
EURW-09 Solbo´s Kayo
(CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy - CH Spotnik´s Calling Card)
My co owners: Bjørn-Erling Løken and Solveig Ivarsson (breeder, Sweden)


 Gothenburg INT Show,  Sweden.  08.01.2010:
The CAC Winners
Diva was 2nd Best Bitch with CAC and Res.Cacib (= CACIB) and became a Swedish and Nordic Champion, and she qualified for INT CH!
EURJW-09 Solbo´s Kayo had the CAC.

INT CH JIlloc´s Joyride BOB and INT CH Jilloc´s Sugardaddy BOS under Nils Molin(S).
(Thank you, Florence, for your help with the photos)


N DobK Eidsvoll 16.01.2010
BOB (INT) NORD CH KbhV-08 NORD W-08 NV-08 Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe

Best Bitch 2  CAC Spotnik´s Excuse For Ecstacy, who became a Norwegian Champion!
(CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy - Spotnik´s Xcellent Xample)
My co owners: Isabel and Filip Stensvik, Norway.

BOS CAC EUR JW-09 Solbo´s Kayo

Best Dog 2 was Spotnik´s Fit For Fun from the Junior Class
(CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul- S N CH Solbo´s Holly (by Zacco))
Co owner: Kjersti Sletten, Norway.

Spotnik had Best Breeders Group. 
Judge: Diogo Ramalho

Fredricia INT Show, Denmark. 30.01.2010:
BOS CAC CACIB N S CH Spotnik´s Carbon Copy
(CH Dalmo´s Elegant Edward - Spotnik´s Treasure O´Tomorrow)
Birk was here a Danish CH and qualified for INT CH!
Owner: Hanne Hedemann, Norway.

BOB CACIB DK S CH Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne
(CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy - Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty)
Owners: Erik Winther Olsen and Erik C. Larsen

Best Bitch 4  NORD CH Spotnik´s Calling Card (litter sister of Carbon Copy)
Owner: Solveig Ivarsson, Sweden.

Judge: Harry Tast, FIN


My G-litter is 6,5 weeks old 13.01.2010
Sire: INT NORD BALT AUST CH Alphadirato Future Brand
Dam: S N CH SV-07 Spotnik´s Coffee Cream

Spotnik´s Go Getter "Lucas" (Carl Carro and Inna Liban USA)

Spotnik´s Gallant Gambler (Co owners: Ann Sofi Sandbacka and Päivi Jousmäki, Finland)

Spotnik´s Get Going  "Enzo" (Sandra Ôjersjö, Sweden)

Spotnik´s Great Gatsby "Alex" (Yngve Rismark and Monica Nilsson, Norway)

Spotnik´s Golden Globe "Mufti"  (co owner Søren Jacobsen, Oriana, Denmark)

Spotnik´s Grand Gala "Gala" (co owner: Kjersti Sletten, Norway)

Spotnik´s Golden Guinea "Emma" (Silje Paulsen and Heidi Price, Price-Spot, Norway)