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Highlights March 2010

Mating INT ENG CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy -  
ENG CH Offordale White Lady

The 5th of March were Zacco and Zara mated in Sweden, at Solveig Ivarsson´s.  Jenny and Micheal Alexander came all the way from England to Falkenberg to make this very interesting mating, which is a line breeding to Selwyn (INT ENG CH Spotnik´s Special Selection). We crossed our fingers for this combination.


Mating Zacco - INT CH Spotnik´s Crystal Crown

The 9th of March Zacco had another girl visiting, Lena Erlandsson´s Kenya. This is nearly the same combination as Solbo´s K-litter (our Kayo). Same father to a litter sister.

INT ENG CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy (Photo: Lena Erlandsson)

INT CH Spotnik´s Crystal Crown (Photo: Solveig Jensen)


Puppies by Zacco born at Mellanmøllan in Sweden

S CH Mellanmøllan Bright Pearl had her puppies by Zacco 20 March. There were 8 puppies (6 dogs and 2 bitches + 2 dead ones). 

S CH Mellanmøllan Bright Pearl

Mellanmøllan L-litter
Malmø INT Show Sweden 21 March. 
41 entries under Carin Åkesson (S)

EURJW-09 Solbo´s Kayo had the CAC and ResCacib (= CACIB) and was Second Best Dog after INT CH Jilloc´s Sugardaddy, who was BOS. 
By this Kayo became a SWEDISH and NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!

Kayo´s mother, NORD CH Spotnik´s Calling Card, had the ResCacib (=CACIB) and was Second Besst Bitch after INT CH Jilloc´s Joyride, who was BOB and BOG.

Kayo´s father, INT ENG CH Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy, had Best Progeny Group, which later became 4 Best In Show Group. 
( Zacco, CH Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne, Solbo´s Lizton, CH Solbo´s Karisma and CH Solbo´s Kayo)

Zacco´s half brother (both by INT CH Spotnik´s Viking Victory), Jilloc´s Very Important, 
was BOB Puppy and later BIS-4. 


Mating Zacco and Spotborne Great Expectations 26 March 


Again a line-breeding on Selwyn.


My G-litter 
(CH Alphadirato Future Brand - CH Spotnik´s Coffee Cream) 
are more or less sold, but 3 are around for some more time.

Spotnik´s Grand Gala (co owned with Kjersti Sletten)

Spotnik´s Go Getter (will go to Carl Carro and Inna Libban in USA)

Spotnik´s Gallant Gambler

Gala, Gambler and Lucas

Mating Kayo and Spotborne Free Rider
Pia and Stephan Laursen from Denmark came up from Denmark to mate their Guchi to Kayo in the beginning of the Easter Holidays in the end of March. This is a line-breeding to CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery and CH Spotnik´s Milkmaid, as Zacco goes back to their son CH Spotnik´s Special Selection and Guchi goes back to his brother CH Spotnik´s Snow Storm.

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