onsdag 13. april 2011

Puppies by Vic at Oriana, Denmark

This litter at Oriana´s in Denmark (Søren Jacobsen) was born in February. 

The father is: 
DKK BreedW-04DDK BreedW-04, 05,-07 KbhW-05  

The mother is:

(N CH Dalstable´s Always Smiling - Oriana´s Observable Octavia)

Here are the puppies  6 weeks old (photos Pia Jensen):
Liver Dog 1
Liver Dog 2
Black Dog (patched)
Black Bitch 1

Black Bitch 2
Liver Bitch

søndag 10. april 2011

Farao BOG-1 at Oldenburg Nat. Show 09.04.

VDH & DVD JunCH Berlin Jgdsg-10 Spotnik´s First Farao For Ormond was BOB with CAC in Oldenburg under Elena Yerusalimskaya RUS. Congratulations to co owner and handler  Micheal Lehmann!

This is Farao´s 11th CAC/ CERT/ CC.

This is a previous photo taken by Heike Sent.

Shows in Norway the week end 09 - 10 April

NKK INT Bergen yesterday.
Spotnik´s Fit For Fun had a "Good" (not very good) today under judge Inger Dahle. Spotnik´s Golden Guinea won her class with EXC CK.
Kjersti Sletten has provided me with the results:

BOB CACIB INT NORD Balt CH Lovinda's Fabian
2BD Res Cacib NORD CH Dalmo's Joker (by Zacco)
3BD INT NORD Price-Spot's Are You Ready (by NORD CH Spotnik´s Snow Storm)
4BD Cert Lovinda's Jackson Five

BOS Cert, Champion today and Cacib Price-Spot's Black Pearl!
2BB Res Cacib INT NORD CH Toot's Bobadilla Light
3BB N CH Daladin's Be A Baroness (by Zacco)
4BB INT NORD Dalmo's Contessa

NDK Show 101 Bergen today, judge Malcolm Smith (47)
1BD INT NORD Balt CH Lovinda's Fabian
2BD Cert Lovinda's Jackson Five
3BD NORD CH Dalmo's Joker
4BD Res Cert Spotnik´s Fit For Fun

BIS N CH Dalmo´s Karmencita
2BB INT NORD CH Toot's Bobadilla Light
3BB N CH Dalmo´s Isolde
4 BB INT NORD CH Dalmo´s Contessa
Cert Price-Spot´s Bag of Tricks

Congratulations to the main winners!! Here an earlier photo of BIS, taken last summer by Eva Dragovic.

The I-litter is born 1 April

For a long time I was in doubt if there were any puppies at all. 5 days prior to the expected birth mother "Jessie" was looking like this: 
 No puppies? 
5 puppies?

And Friday 1 April was this black boy born, a singleton.

At first I was tempted to call him Istanbul...

...but as his father is NL CH Spotnik´s Arctic Adam, he looked for a better name in the newspaper, 
and found "Icebear" just after he was born.

And here is mother INT NORD N DK S CH DKV-10 Spotnik´s Excuse For Ecstacy with her baby.
I bought the puppy a "littermate", a white bear.

The first week she took her maternal duties so seriously that he became pink all over by continues licking, so I had to "save" him from his mother in between.

I hope daddy Adam will be proud of his son.

mandag 4. april 2011

Nory´s puppies at Lacrima Christi

Anita and Zeljko Radic (Lacrima Christi) have got 8 puppies (5 dogs and 3 bitches) 18 March from our INT FIN RUS CR HUN SL SERB CH Spotnik´s Dare Devil (Diva´s brother) 

and their Zacco daughter, CH United Spots Pennsylvania. 

I am looking forward to see photos of the puppies later on.