søndag 10. april 2011

The I-litter is born 1 April

For a long time I was in doubt if there were any puppies at all. 5 days prior to the expected birth mother "Jessie" was looking like this: 
 No puppies? 
5 puppies?

And Friday 1 April was this black boy born, a singleton.

At first I was tempted to call him Istanbul...

...but as his father is NL CH Spotnik´s Arctic Adam, he looked for a better name in the newspaper, 
and found "Icebear" just after he was born.

And here is mother INT NORD N DK S CH DKV-10 Spotnik´s Excuse For Ecstacy with her baby.
I bought the puppy a "littermate", a white bear.

The first week she took her maternal duties so seriously that he became pink all over by continues licking, so I had to "save" him from his mother in between.

I hope daddy Adam will be proud of his son.

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