søndag 9. oktober 2011

NCK Moss 18 September

 Tino Pehar was judging 13 Dalmatians + 3 puppies in Moss.

Again a good day for "Gordon", who was BOB Puppy and BOG-3 (Groups 6,7 and 8)

BOB Puppy Spotnik´s Inky Icebear and BOS Puppy Spotdogs Beauty Box

BOB BOG-1 BIS-3  NORD CH Dalmo`s JokerII (Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy-CH Dalmo´s Campari)

2BD Cert Dalmo`s Marble Arch (CH Jilloc´s Sugardaddy - CH Dalmo´s Isolde)

3BD Res.Cert Spotniks Dashing Date (CH Audax Allegiance To Stedfast - Spotnik´s Treasure O`Tomorrow)

4BD Dalnews Csak Chicco

BOS INT NORD CH NV-06 Dalmo`s Campari 
2BB INT NORD CH NV-08-09 NORDV-08 KbhV-08 NV-09 Spotniks Diva Deluxe (CH Audax Allegiance To Stedfast - Spotnik´s Treasure O`Tomorrow)
3 BB N CH Dalmo`s Isolde (CH Dalmo´s Educated Edgar - CH Dalmo´s Contessa)
4BB Cert  Dalmo`s Jackeline II (Bell-A-Mir´s Elegant Envoy-CH Dalmo´s Campari) 

BIR BIS! INT NORD CH NV-06 Dalmo`s Campari
Oppdretter m/ HP : 
Kennel  Dalmo

Results from Leewarden and Dutch Club Show + Moss Sept.-11

National Show Leeuwarden
Judge Dick Baars, NL. 38 entries.

BOB CAC INT NORD GER CH KbhV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09 Bdsg-10 Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe
BOS CAC INT NORD GER CH EURJW-09 KbhV-10 DKV-10 Solbo´s Kayo

EURW- Show 2011 Leeuwarden
Judge Dogs: Stefan Stefic, SK, Bitches: Per Iversen, N. 77 entries

BIS Puppy of the day Lots Of Spot´s Bruce The Boss (by Zacco)

BOB Baby Puppy Obonya´s Pride Anna-Ariella (by Farao)

BOB BOG-2 EURW-11 CAC CACIB INT CH Lacrima Christi Choco Mousse
BOS CAC CACIB Gwynmor Chiquitita
1 Open Class INT CH Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe

A family meeting with Farao and his wife, Obonya vom Teutoburger Wald, and their puppies, Obonya´s Pride Anna Tevka and Anna-Ariella

Dutch Club Show in Medemblik 3 September 2011
Judges: Dogs: Malcolm Smith, ENG.  Bitches: Brenda Smith, ENG.

BIS Puppy Lots Of Spots Bruce The Boss (by Zacco)

BOS Puppy Lots Of Spots Madame Marie (by Zacco)

BIS 2x CAC INT NORD CH Jilloc´s Splendid Choice
CAC INT NORD CH Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe

BOS 2xCAC Orion´s Belt vom Forst Eichenhorst

CAC INT NL B LUX ENG CH Elaridge Celtic Warrior (by Zacco)

2 EXC Inermediate Class Spotnik´s Golden Globe For Oriana

1 EXC Open class GER DK CH Spotnik´s First Farao For Ormond
2 EXC Champion Class INT NORD CH Solbo´s Kayo (by Zacco)
2 EXC Champion Class INT CH Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne (by Zacco)

Icebear BOB and BOG Puppy in Moss

A very good day for Spotnik in Moss 17 September. Judge Vincent O´Brian.

Little Icebear, called "Gordon", now 5 months old, was BOB Puppy and BOG-1 (Group 6,7 and 8).

Spotnik´s Inky Icebear 
(NL CH Spotnik´s arctic Adam - INT NORD CH DKW-10 Spotnik´s Excuse for Ecstasy)
Congratulations to my co owners Eli Antonie and Kristoffer!

Spotnik´s Fit For Fun had his 11th Certificate
(CH Knock On Heaven Door Raul - INT CH Solbo´s Holly)

Spotnik´s Grand Gala had her 3rd Certificate
(INT AUST CH Alphadirato Future Brand - CH Spotnik´s Coffee Cream)

Congratulations to my co owner Kjersti with both of them!

BOS CH Dalmrosa´s Toro Bearnaise & BOB BOG-2 INT CH Dalmo´s Campari

Dalmo Breeder´s group 1 HP