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News August 2010

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What happened in July 2010?

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NKK INT Trondheim 04.07.2010

SKK INT Askersund 14.07.2010

SDS Club Show Askersund 15.07.2010

North Of England Dalmatian Club 17.07.2010

SDS Club Show Ljungbyhed 24.07.2010

DVD Club Show Barleben, Germany 25.07.2010

News June 2010

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NDK Club Show Oslo

NKK INT Drammen

World Show Herning, Denmark

DDK World Club Show 1 Middelfart, Denmark

DDK World Club Show 2 Middelfart, Denmark

May 2010 Some news

Kayo BOB and BOG-2 in Hillerød, Denmark

N S CH EURJW-09 Solbo´s Kayo
had the CAC and CACIB in Hillerød under Hans Rodenberg.
He then became a DANISH and NORDIC Champion and was qualified for Crufts.

NKK INT Show in Kristiansand
Judge: Elina Tan Hietalati (FIN)  36 entries.

BOB Cert Cacib Daladin`s Be A Baroness (by Zacco) N CH!!
2BB CK Res Cacib  INT NORD CH KBHV-08 KBHV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09  Spotnik`s Diva Deluxe
3BB CK N S CH Solbo`s Holly (by Zacco)
4BB CK Napori`s Ever Lasting Love (out of N CH Spotnik´s Wonder Woman)
 BOS CK Cacib INT NORD FIN LT LV CH DKV-09 Lovinda`s Fabian (a grandson of CH Spotnik´s Snow Storm)
2BD CK  INT NORD CH NORDV-07 SV-09 Dalmrosas Toro Bernaise (by CH Spotnik´s Unbuttoned Uniform)
3BD Cert Shandor`s Explosive Ecko (by Zacco)
4BD CK Spotnik`s Evening Express (by Zacco)
Others with CK (= EXC):
Spotnik`s Furry Friend (grandson of  Zacco)
Spotnik`s Fit For Fun (grandson of  Zacco)
Shospot`s Wonder Bindi
Spotnik`s Endless Enjoyment (by Zacco)
Perdita`s Addicted To Love, Kirsten Ravndal
N CH Spotnik`s Excuse For Ecstasy (by Zacco)
BOB veteran HP S CH Lovinda`s Barney The Great
BOS veteran HP INT NORD CH Makarida`s Aloha Funny Face
Breeding Group:1 HP Spotnik (S.Diva Deluxe, S.Excuse for Ecstasy, S. Fit for Fun,S. Endless Enjoyment)

 NDK Southern Club Show in Kristiansand 
Tuula Tammerlin (DK) was judging 40 entries + 5 puppies

BIS and BOS Puppy
(INT CH Alphadirato Future Brand - S N CH Spotnik´s Coffee Cream)
BIS Puppy Spotnik´s Gallant Gambler 
BOS Puppy Spotnik´s Grand Gala

BIS CK, INT NORD CH KBHV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09   Spotnik`s Diva Deluxe 
2BB Cert Napori`s Exterior Example (out of N CH Spotnik´s Wonder Woman)
3BB CK INT NORD CH NORDV-06 Dalmo`s Contessa
4BB CK Shospot`s Yatzy

BOS CK N S DK NORD CH EUJV-09 Solbo`s Kayo (by Zacco - CH Sp. Calling Card)

2BD CK INT NORD CH Lovinda`s Fridtjof (a grandson of CH Sp. Snow Storm)
3BD CK INT NORD FIN LV LT CH DKV-09 Lovinda`s Fabian (a grandson of CH Sp. Snow Storm)
4BD INT NORD CH NV-03-04 Dalmo`s Aragon The First (by CH Sp. Snow Storm)

Others with CK (= EXC): 
Cert Kjennsbekkens Copy Annebellas
Annebella`s Man of Eternity
Prikken og Streken Anton
S UCH Lovinda`s Barney The Great
Napori`s Ever Lasting Love (out of N CH Spotnik´s Wonder Woman)
Spotnik`s Endless Enjoyment (by Zacco)
Shospot`s Wonder Bindi
N CH Alphadirato Fortuna (by CH Sp. Unbuttoned Uniform)
N CH Spotnik`s Excuse For Exstacy (by Zacco)
S N CH Solbo`s Holly (by Zacco)
Annebella`s Fatima G
Solbo`s Chiba

BOBvet. S CH Lovinda`s Barney The Great
BOSvet Solbo`Chiba

Breeders Group: 
Nbr. 1 HP  Spotnik (S. Diva Deluxe, S.Excuse for Ecstasy, S.Fit For Fun, S. Endless Enjoyment)
Nbr. 2 HP Napori (N. Ever Lasting Love, N. Exterior Example, N. Flower Flirt, N. Charm Collector)