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May 2010 Some news

Kayo BOB and BOG-2 in Hillerød, Denmark

N S CH EURJW-09 Solbo´s Kayo
had the CAC and CACIB in Hillerød under Hans Rodenberg.
He then became a DANISH and NORDIC Champion and was qualified for Crufts.

NKK INT Show in Kristiansand
Judge: Elina Tan Hietalati (FIN)  36 entries.

BOB Cert Cacib Daladin`s Be A Baroness (by Zacco) N CH!!
2BB CK Res Cacib  INT NORD CH KBHV-08 KBHV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09  Spotnik`s Diva Deluxe
3BB CK N S CH Solbo`s Holly (by Zacco)
4BB CK Napori`s Ever Lasting Love (out of N CH Spotnik´s Wonder Woman)
 BOS CK Cacib INT NORD FIN LT LV CH DKV-09 Lovinda`s Fabian (a grandson of CH Spotnik´s Snow Storm)
2BD CK  INT NORD CH NORDV-07 SV-09 Dalmrosas Toro Bernaise (by CH Spotnik´s Unbuttoned Uniform)
3BD Cert Shandor`s Explosive Ecko (by Zacco)
4BD CK Spotnik`s Evening Express (by Zacco)
Others with CK (= EXC):
Spotnik`s Furry Friend (grandson of  Zacco)
Spotnik`s Fit For Fun (grandson of  Zacco)
Shospot`s Wonder Bindi
Spotnik`s Endless Enjoyment (by Zacco)
Perdita`s Addicted To Love, Kirsten Ravndal
N CH Spotnik`s Excuse For Ecstasy (by Zacco)
BOB veteran HP S CH Lovinda`s Barney The Great
BOS veteran HP INT NORD CH Makarida`s Aloha Funny Face
Breeding Group:1 HP Spotnik (S.Diva Deluxe, S.Excuse for Ecstasy, S. Fit for Fun,S. Endless Enjoyment)

 NDK Southern Club Show in Kristiansand 
Tuula Tammerlin (DK) was judging 40 entries + 5 puppies

BIS and BOS Puppy
(INT CH Alphadirato Future Brand - S N CH Spotnik´s Coffee Cream)
BIS Puppy Spotnik´s Gallant Gambler 
BOS Puppy Spotnik´s Grand Gala

BIS CK, INT NORD CH KBHV-08 NORDV-08 NV-09   Spotnik`s Diva Deluxe 
2BB Cert Napori`s Exterior Example (out of N CH Spotnik´s Wonder Woman)
3BB CK INT NORD CH NORDV-06 Dalmo`s Contessa
4BB CK Shospot`s Yatzy

BOS CK N S DK NORD CH EUJV-09 Solbo`s Kayo (by Zacco - CH Sp. Calling Card)

2BD CK INT NORD CH Lovinda`s Fridtjof (a grandson of CH Sp. Snow Storm)
3BD CK INT NORD FIN LV LT CH DKV-09 Lovinda`s Fabian (a grandson of CH Sp. Snow Storm)
4BD INT NORD CH NV-03-04 Dalmo`s Aragon The First (by CH Sp. Snow Storm)

Others with CK (= EXC): 
Cert Kjennsbekkens Copy Annebellas
Annebella`s Man of Eternity
Prikken og Streken Anton
S UCH Lovinda`s Barney The Great
Napori`s Ever Lasting Love (out of N CH Spotnik´s Wonder Woman)
Spotnik`s Endless Enjoyment (by Zacco)
Shospot`s Wonder Bindi
N CH Alphadirato Fortuna (by CH Sp. Unbuttoned Uniform)
N CH Spotnik`s Excuse For Exstacy (by Zacco)
S N CH Solbo`s Holly (by Zacco)
Annebella`s Fatima G
Solbo`s Chiba

BOBvet. S CH Lovinda`s Barney The Great
BOSvet Solbo`Chiba

Breeders Group: 
Nbr. 1 HP  Spotnik (S. Diva Deluxe, S.Excuse for Ecstasy, S.Fit For Fun, S. Endless Enjoyment)
Nbr. 2 HP Napori (N. Ever Lasting Love, N. Exterior Example, N. Flower Flirt, N. Charm Collector)

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