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CH Offordale Sapphire in Scandinavia + Spotnik´s Jazz Jam

"Zacco"s daughter, ENG CH Offordale Sapphire "Holly" has been shown by me in Scandinavia for several shows. She has become a Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Nordic Champion. And Jenny Alexander has given me the opportunity to become the lucky co owner. Thank you! But she will go back to England, hopefully mated to a nice dog, later on.

She was a Norwegian Champion at NKK INT Bergen, when she also won the group under Rodney Oldham, and was BIS-3 under Rudi Hübenthal.

New Norwegian Champion!   ENG N CH Offordale Sapphire

Her Danish title came at Roskilde INT under judge Per Iversen. 

New Danish Champion!!!    ENG N DK CH Offordale Sapphire

Roskilde, Denmark.

And she became a Swedish Champion in Tvååker under Mats Jonsson.

New Swedish Champion!! and New Nordic Champion!!
Swedish Cert and Championship

In addition to these shows "Holly" has had some nice successes in Tromsø: 

She was BIS at  The main NDK Club Show, held in the midnight sun Friday 14 July, under Irina Petrakova.

BIS ENG N DK CH Offordale Sapphire & BOS N CH Dot.Com´s Just In Case

"Zacco"s other daughter there, City Kid´s Dancing Queen, had the Cert and was second Best Bitch. She became a Norwegian Champion on the day. Congratulations! 

She was also BOB and BOG-1 at Tromsø Hundeklubb under Per Iversen 15 July

BOS N CH Dot.Com´s Just In Case & BOB ENG N DK CH Offordale Sapphire 

Spotnik´s Jazz Jam (CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery - INT CH Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe) had the Cert and was second best dog after CH Dot.Com´s Just In Case.

And at the NKK INT Tromsø Show on the Sunday Offordale Sapphire was BOB and had her 2nd CACIB under Eli Marie Klepp, and BOG-2 under Cathy Delmar.

The final results in the challenge for Best Bitch

BOS NORDIC CH Botnicus Could It be Magic & BOB ENG N DK CH Offordale Sapphire

"Holly" BOG-2

"Jazz", Spotnik´s Jazz Jam, did his best again, and had the NKK Cert and was second Best Dog, so now he doesn´t need anything more in Norway until he is two years old.  

Here is the collection of Rosettes "Holly" and "Jazz" got during the three days in Tromsø.

The View from the house we were staying in. 

Out for a walk with the dogs in the neighborhood.

Ishavskatedralen in Tromsø

The view in the middle of the day
The view in the middle of the night!

My travel company, June Haug, who is the owner of Jazz. Thanks for a nice, long week end, June! And congratulations for your lovely boy, Jazz´ results!

The owner of Spotnik´s Kite Killer came to show him to me. A very kind and nice dog with a lot of spots. Eye catching! Thank you for coming, Eli-Kristine Lund!

Aase Jakobsen invited everybody to a grill party at her house. Thank you!

June and I were very pleased with the prizes for "Holly" and found they would suit her parents at home well. Did you like them, Jenny and Michael?

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