tirsdag 18. september 2012

Spotnik´s K-litter 3 months old

Now the K-litter has become 3 months old.  

There are still 3 nice dogs for sale, 

well socialized with children, cars, walks and people. 

Dog 1. Spotnik´s Key Keeper  "Keeper" (available):

Dog 3. Spotnik´s Kite Killer "Dragen" (available):

Dog 4. Spotnik´s Kookie King "Kokos" (available)

And here are the ones who have gone to their new homes:

Dog 2: Spotnik´s Kodak Kid
"Bishop" has gone to Nina Johannessen in Oslo. 

Bitch 1. Spotnik´s Key Klick 
"Kicki" has moved to Helen Otti (and Peter) in Denmark

Bitch 2. Spotnik´s Kind Karma
"Tara" found her new home with Tove Wallem, near Tønsberg

Bitch 3 Spotnik´s Kissme Kate
"Chanell" was the first who left, with Kim Jeanette and Terje Johansen in Sarpsborg

Good luck to all of you with your new family member!

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