søndag 18. mars 2012

J-litter 6 weeks

Lots of thanks and love to my husband Dag for looking after Diva and the pupppies, when I was at Crufts.They were 6 weeks old, when I got home.

The parents are: N CH Spotnik´s Quick Quackery - INT CH Spotnik´s Diva Deluxe

Also thanks to daughter Maria and her fiancé Rune for helping me out with the 6 weeks standing photos.
Here are the results of the photo session:

Spotnik´s Jazz Jam  "Jussi" (liver dog)  Not sold

Spotnik´s Jetty Jade "Jetty" (black bitch)
Owner: Toril Vestbakken, Kongsberg

Spotnik´s Jewel Joy "Jamie" (black bitch)
Co owned with Marianne Ekfeldt Johansen, Oslo

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