torsdag 31. mars 2011

Crufts 2011 - Zacco´s puppies

This year I was lucky enough to have my dogs brought to Crufts by friends. That saved me for a more than 4000 km drive + 4-6 ferries, like I normally do, when I go to England with dogs. I am very thankful to Elisabeth and Bjørn-Erling for driving all the way from Norway with Diva and Kayo. I hope it was worth it, even though none of them were placed, as their homebred pug, INT CH Tangetoppen Unbreakable News was the first foreign pug to be put up for BOB, and later BOG-3 in England. Congratulations!
I am also grateful to Karola and Michael Lehmann, who brought our  "Farao" over from Germany. I hope they too had value for travelling, when he won the Mid Limit Class at Crufts, and their son by "Vic", Christi Ormond Fascination Feeling came third in Yearling.

I left my home like this:

...and came to a hot green England 3 hours after I left my bed. A big thank you to Jenny Alexander for picking me up at Stansted, where I came by Ryanair Friday 10 March. I had a lovely stay with Jenny and Michael in Oliver Cromwell´s old Offord Cluny Manor in Huntingdon. I didn´t see the ghost, who is said to live there, but to see Jenny´s three 10 months old beautiful puppies by Zacco out of CH Offordale White Lady, made the trip for me. And when "Holly" was BOB Puppy and "Mr Darcy" BOS Puppy at Crufts, we had a lot to celebrate.

"Delilah" (Offordale ?)

"Mr. Darcy" (Offordale Chevalier)

"Holly" (Offordale Sapphire)

They have all been very successful in the ring, in the breed and Groups, even some BIS placings. 
"Mr. Darcy" won Best Dog at the BDC Open show first time out.

Here are the rosettes the puppies have won.

"Mr Darcy" could move already as a 10 weeks old puppy, when I saw him last.

And here is their nephew "Farao" in front of the house last year.

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